Saturday, 23 January, 2010

yet another saturday !

today is just another saturday.. last week same time was chilling at my friends place.. cant believe a week has gone by already.. cant even remember what i did over the weekdays.. just remember rushing to work in the morning and coming back home dead tired...
so quick update on whats on my playlist for this week :) ..
  1. two lovely songs from the movie Ishiqiya: " dil to baccha hai" and " ab mujhe koi " .. soulful !
  2. kelly clarkson- all i ever wanted
  3. robbie williams- you know me
  4. drops of jupiter - train
  5. if youre gone - matchbox 20
  6. lost- coldplay
looking forward to a super lazy sunday !

Saturday, 2 January, 2010

change is good

how many times have we heard people say "change is good"? why do we resist change? i think its only because it breaks the monotony.. its an irony that we hate monotony but dislike any change..

hope 2010 brings in some good change :)

Happy New Year

wishing everyone a very happy new year :)
have a fantastic year ahead !