Saturday, 25 August, 2007

Tuesdays with Morrie...

aahh writing something after ages .. i think the only reason i can think of for nor keeping my blog updates is "laziness". there were so many things that i could ve written about .. but then dint end up writing ..
a few days ago i read this book called "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom .. must tell you its an amazing book .. it talks about important things in life which most of us tend to ignore .. we re so caught up in the mundane chores of life that we miss out on things which actually make life worth living .. its a beautifully written book .. it talks about this professor who is about to die and the lessons he gives his student ..
and the best part about the book is it talks about the life that every single person leads today .. from simple human emotions to complexities of life.i generally dont prefer reading self help books because i think they dont really help ! but then i really enjoyed reading this book. few things i could'nt relate to but then on the whole it was a good read .
i think its a book really worth reading !

Thursday, 9 August, 2007

confused ???!!

what does one do when there are too many things to write about but then you dont know what to start with ? when there is too much to share but not so many words to express them ?this is exactly what i am facing now . have been wanting to write but everytime i decide there s something worth blogging about ; i either end up writing too many things which make no sense or i have no words to do justice to what i want to say .
in any case i decided that i ll just post whats currently on my mind. had been to gurgaon , had a blast, met amazing people, shared amazing thoughts , learnt new lessons , missed a few people , made new friends , played new games , visited new places .... did a lot of things , had new experiences. now i know why people say "time flies". it actually does and oh man how fast! its not even a week since i am back home . have been meeting my friends back home. been narrating all the fun i had .
too many things have suddenly happened in life i suppose. already got my results. said good bye to my bestest friend who left for US yesterday. not yet recovered from the fact that i wont be meeting him for a year. still feels like i am at gurgaon . too many things happening too fast i suppose . dont know if the post even makes any sense .
newayz dats all for now !