Wednesday, 2 January, 2013

The Year Gone-by..

2012 seems like a breeze that went by.. i can see events flash before my eyes.. personally it has been a good year.. I can say life changed in 2012 :) 
If anyone were to ask me what did you do in the year gone-by ? I have a ton of things to answer.. 
So what did year 2012 mean to me? 
(so used to the bullet point format of answering :P)

  1. Agreed to get married
  2. Met a guy who i thought i could consider being married to ! 
  3. Got engaged to that guy
  4. then i got married to that guy
  5. Got a new phone (well its still a part of what's new :P)
  6. visited two new countries (realized that I love travelling)
  7. Wore a ton of make up for two whole days of my life (dont ask !!)
  8. moved houses
  9. Started cooking !!!(this one should be in bold)
  10. quit my old job 
  11. Moved to a new city
  12. Got a new job :)
  13. Read new books
  14. Met new people
  15. Watched new movies
  16. Learnt new things

Phew !!I think that is a lot for a year considering other years... 

So yeah, it has been an interesting year; personally , professionally , socially, emotionally..

Looking forward to 2013.. Let's see whats in store.. :)

Heres' to a healthier, wealthier and a happier new year ..

cheers !