Saturday, 30 June, 2007

mumbai meri jaan ????

after experiencing months of torturous summer heat i think its now time for the rain Gods to show their fury. its been raining really heavily these days in Mumbai . and its not at all surprising that the city is not equipped to withstand this amount of rains. all due to shoddy city planning. have you taken a look at the city lately . its literally going to the dumps . may be very soon the city will be get the tag of being "the world's largest dump ". i think we are light years away from coming anywhere close to Shanghai.(remember they wanted Mumbai to be Shanghai.. :|)
the pictures in the news papers show flooding everywhere. if it pours for a few hours at a stretch then its almost impossible to get from one point in the city to another. either the rails stop working or the routes are shut because of water logging. not to mention the frequent power cuts during the rains.most people have started dreading the rains.i dont think we are equipped to handle any calamity. all the open spaces have vanished. now i know what a concrete jungle is! even the Mithi river (err gutter ) has been eaten up by reclamation.
but then again the BMC has stated that we have to wait until 2011 (holy crap) till the city gets freedom from flooding during the rains. but then i am sure that in 2011 they ll come up with some lame excuse for not getting the city on track .
Mumbai meri jaan ? i dont think so ..

Wednesday, 27 June, 2007

tagging along....

finally after a very very very long time i ve something to write about . actually i 've been tagged .
i am supposed to write 8 facts/habits about myself.
so if you want to know more about me.... READ ON !!
  • for starters , the first time i talk to a person i can decide if i want to talk to them ever again in my life or not.
  • i like listening to all kinds of songs as long as its music to my ears :D . anything from pop to rock is cool with me.
  • i totally believe in fate and destiny. i think no matter what you do there is something which is destined for you and you end up doing just that.
  • i love reading books but i am not into the mushy books category (read mills and boons).
  • i love sitting by the sea just makes me feel good.(plus u get awesome golas and chat at the beach :p)
  • i love chocolates. i can binge on them all day.
  • i dont generally fight with people . but then some people just tick me off so badly that they have to face my wrath :p (trust me you dont want me hating you ever! )
  • i hate complicated stuff.
phew ! writing 8 things about myself was nt as easy as i thought it would be. okay so as the game says i need to tag a few more people .but.. the people i know have already been tagged. but then i ll still go ahead and tag mythun, herat & archana .

Rules of the game:

  • Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

  • People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

  • At the end of your post you need to tag people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Friday, 8 June, 2007

life people live ...

right from the time i can remember the basic necessities of life have been food , clothing and shelter . what happens when these basic things are itself denied to an individual ? how does one survive?
this is how thousands of people live in india . yesterday was returning home and the bus was caught up in traffic (as usual) took a peek out of the window and there was this tiny hutment, exploding with people (you shoud ve seen the number of people living inside that tiny place) . the place was so tiny it could ve well been awarded the tiniest room of the world. there was an entire family surviving in that place . it just got me thinking how can a person survive ?
but then seems like they do and hell they manage to have a large number of kids :| . but then it really made me think . and it made me value what i have . i cant even imagine how hard life must be for them. i saw kids who were without proper clothes . i doubt what they must be eating to survive . they are probably never ever going to be educated . they were so malnourished . it was a really sorry sight . what they call their home was made out of plastic. i wonder how many days it would last. even in such a misery that they lived in i saw there was this small kid who was actually smiling totally unaware of all the difficulties life has in store for him . they were in a state of utter poverty.
i really have got most things on a platter. all the times i cribbed and cried for petty things , i dint realize how lucky i was. i never realized getting a meal a day was not as simple as it seemed. i need to thank my parents for making life seem so much easier. i realized the importance of just being able to survive. i think we just need to be really lucky to be what we are . even being able to stand on your two legs, being able to see , hear , speak is something we should be thankful for.
it just got me wondering if those people were really children of a lesser God!

Friday, 1 June, 2007

a lot more than idlis and dosas ..

SOUTH INDIA is a linguistic-cultural region of INDIA that comprises the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the two union territories of Lakhshadweep and Pudducherry ,whose inhabitants are collectively referred to as SOUTH INDIANS.
(as a South Indian i thought i should get a few things cleared about us ! )

wondering why am i talking about this ? i just realized that most people don't know who a south Indian is or for that matter what does South India comprise of (poor geography u see :D )
and a few questions people have asked over the years of schooling , college etc.
there are a few things I'd like to set straight.

  • South India comprises of many states (refer definition above ).
  • people of different states speak different languages.
  • Tamil , Kannada , Telugu , Malayalam or any other south indian language are not the same
  • Tamil Nadu is not the other name for Chennai
  • Hyderabad and Chennai are not close to each other (oh yea don't be surprised )
  • i as a tamilian do not understand / speak ( okay i cant even read / write ) any other South Indian language (no they are not same again )
  • South Indians don't generally use a surname (don't ask why ? or how on earth can you not have a surname ) we don't use it .
  • "andu pondo gondo " thats what you think south Indian language is .. sorry to disappoint you it does nt have any meaning (at least not in Tamil ).
  • our cuisine is not just idli and dosa ( man are'nt they yummy :D ). NO i dont have idli dosa everyday for lunch ,dinner and breakfast .
  • all my relatives do not stay in Chennai just because i am a tamilian.
  • jayalalitha is not the only political leader there.
  • Kerala is a state not a city :|
  • i was born in Mumbai so were my parents.but i have a native place :|
  • the house in the village is just like the one you live in here in Mumbai ( no it is not made of hay etc .no i dont know to milk a cow :| don't look at me like that someone asked me this)
  • oh yea my mom does not make chinese dosa at home :D
ummmm .. that's all i can think of right now .
oh yea and southies rock !!! :D