Sunday, 20 November, 2011

Look Who's Talking ?

Another Sunday bites the dust.About a zillion thoughts running through my head. And suddenly it feels like its not just your mind that is telling you what to do but your heart that is talking to you too. It seems to have a mind of its own.I have a question here.. If the heart is the one talking then who is the one listening , is it the mind?But then we also listen to our guts sometimes.So now there are three things we need to listen to:the brain, the heart and the gut.
It is almost as if they are competing with each other. While the brain mostly relies on logic your heart and gut seem to rely on something intangible.And if your luck is really on your side then all three will decide to talk to you and tell you absolutely different things to do. On such occasions I would recommend the eliminate-the-unlikely method. In this instead of choosing what is best you start cutting down your options.As though these options aren't enough we sometimes ask for other peoples' advice. Imagine if they have to rely on three options as well and then pass that on to you. Do you realize that more often than not we ask for advice after we have already decided on what to do but just want reassurance from the other person? This happens when we have made a conflicting decision. (Not always true but then that is what happens with me). I am just glad that the hands and legs haven't decided to talk to us!
But then there is this small voice inside each one of us who knows what to listen to. There are matters of the mind, matters of the heart and matters of the gut. Make sure you ask the right questions to the right thing and I am sure you will find the right answer :)

Something to make you smile :) Have a great week !