Sunday, 27 May, 2012

Happily Ever After : Chapter 1 - Engaged

A LOT has changed in life.. My relationship status went from being single to engaged (yeah engaged ! ).. I actually found me a guy to get married to :) .. i remember writing about how the whole arranged marriage scene is too weird for me.. guess what! i actually went through that entire process.. and i am going to be married in a couple of months :)
Have been wanting to write about it for a while but just been busy with life as such.. It all started one fine evening when my mum emotionally blackmailed me to say okay to talk to this guy ;even though i wasn't really looking into any sort of relationship; forget marriage.. After a lot of thought I decided that it wasn't really that difficult..I just had to say okay to talk to him.. talk to him for the sake of it.. and then say a big BYE.. I just had to convince my mum that he wasn't right for me.. I could think of a million reasons to say no to some stranger.. But I guess someone out there had something else planned for me.. 
it started with some emails.. then got to chatting.. and then a few calls.. the calls started lasting longer.. the conversations got better, longer.. and then suddenly it just felt right.. and we decided to get married.. it wasn't like we knew each other earlier or through a common friend or anything like that.. we were perfect strangers.. but then after a few days it dint really seem that way.. it was like meeting an old friend after a very long time and it felt nice :)
A lot of people I know were very surprised at my decision(especially my mum) .. If you knew me as a person you would be surprised too.. They asked me how did I decide.. and i just have one answer.. I went with my gut.. sometimes you just need to go with it..
So here I am, engaged :) Its been fun since.. lunches, dinners, movies, coffee table conversations,late night calls, inflated phone bills :P and so much more... 
Its truly a beginning of a new chapter in my life.. Life is good :)

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