Thursday, 13 December, 2012

Happily Ever After : Chapter 2 :Newly Married !

Let me start by saying hello.. I am back ! Well, its been quite a journey from being engaged to being married.. Its been 40 days of playing wifey.. Everyone around me keeps asking me;so how does it feel to be married ? And I have just one answer.. Its different :P.. We had a wonderful time holidaying in Sri Lanka.. And then things are back to square one.. the usual work-home-work routine.. 

One BIG difference is that I actually cook !! And considering that we've survived so far eating that food.. i am going to take some credit for being a decent cook :).. Its not as complicated as I imagined it to be.. I realized that if you enjoy the process then it seems easy and simple.. Else its like any other job we all have.. turns sucky after a while ;).. And fortunately being a South Indian, the recipes are much simpler.. Plus cooking for just two people is easier especially when you know that the other person is not going to call your food bad :D 
The coolest thing about us is that "HE CAN COOK".. And why not I think everyone should know to cook.. Not as a hobby but may be as survival skill .. You can't be eating out every single day.. Lets not forget that there is truly nothing like home cooked food !! (Mom I miss your food !!! )

I have tried quite a few things actually.. And I am proud of the results.. quite surprised even.. Everyone who knows me go into a state of shock when I tell them I cook.. After expressing "OMG" look  they go ahead and ask me if my husband is okay after eating that food *rolls eyes* . I cant say I am the best cook but I am learning.. Slowly but surely learning.. 

So here's to newly weds where the girl is learning to cook:)
Cheers ! 

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